Goat Milk Soap

What's so great about our Goat Milk Soap???
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Here is a wonderful "before picture" of those typical summer barefoot feet.  Also pictured is a sampling of our Milk Suds.  This is goat milk soap in liquid form.  It comes in a handy 8 ounce squirt bottle. 

It comes in 4 different "flavors" - Tooti Frooti, Strawberry, Cedar and Original Gritty Greenstone which has a lovely orange lemon-grass scent.

All have the scrubbing power of Ely Greenstone sand and the cleaning, softening features of the goat milk soap base.

We also have 2 silky versions - Just Plain Great (orange lemon-grass) and Silky Tooti Frooti.

Here is a great "after" shot of those same feet.  Clean and soft.  Pictured here in addition to the Milk Suds, is the Creamed Soap.  This is a thicker consistency than the Milk Suds but has the same great soap recipe as it's base.  It comes in a 4 ounce jar and is very concentrated.  A little dab will do you.  The creamed soap comes in Original Gritty Greenstone, Tooti Frooti, Strawberry, and Cedar.  All of the creamed soap varieties have Ely Greenstone grit.


Our bar soap comes in 3 consistencies - Just Plain Great, Gritty Greenstone, and Great Gritty Greenstone.  Just Plain Great has no grit, Gritty Greenstone is half plain and half gritty.  Great Gritty Greenstone has lots a grit through and through.

Amy's Testimony:  I just have to put my 2 cents worth in about this soap.  My friend Pamalot has come up with a truly wonderful formula.  I am a full time child care worker and have always struggled with dry, cracked hands with all the hand washing I do in a day.  Since using this soap I can't believe the difference.  It softens your skin *really* each time you wash.  I just love the feel of my hands now and I have no need of hand lotion or creams.  This soap is all the moisturizer I need.  It's also GREAT on your face.  And nothing is better for softening the rough bottoms of your feet.  Try it and you'll love it!                                                                                        --Amy Durham, Ely, Minnesota

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