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Psalms 90:17:  ...may God give permanence to all you do. 
(Life Application Bible)

Phunctional Artems and Animals

We have so many phun and phunctional artems to show you and will be adding to the page in the days to come.  Click below on any of the sections that seem of interest to you.  Soon there will be an area to explain AnyWare and it's humble beginnings (if an explanation is possible), but for now please browse at the current rather unique products that make phun gift ideas for friends, family, and of course yourself.


Creamy, Moisturizing Goat Milk Soap
that cleans like a dream. 

Comes in bars, creamed,
and liquid Milk Suds

Find out more about this
truely wonderful soap.



Now Available!!
Pamalot's CD

"...Til You Carry Me Home..."
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